Portable Vibration Analyzer

The DSP Logger Expert is a data collector, 6 channel, FFT Analyzer made for Predictive Maintenance and machine diagnostics. The instrument can measure, process, show and store a wide variety of analysis modes. It can work as standalone or you can download the measurements your PC via its software. Customers in Latin America already have been relying on the cost/benefit relationship of these units for over 30 years, as well as 700 units of its predecessor, the DSP Logger MX300. This new unit has a 640 x 480 resolution screen, 5” color display and High Contrast, to better handle direct sun light, It also has a sturdy keyboard with easy to find keys and four dedicated function keys in each mode of operation. Now you can measure spectrum from 400 up to 25,600 lines and wave forms from 512 up to 16,384 samples; capturing acceleration, velocity, displacement and envelope, both AC and DC.

Specifications & Features

Data Collector is a six channel, route-enabled instrument that provides everything you need for cost-effective data collection and analysis. It enables maintenance professionals to easily take recordings with up to 25,400 lines of resolution and over 95 dB dynamic range.


Key features:

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Vibration Meter and Analyzer