Conduit Recommendations

Option 1 (minimal cost):

The TriVibe black sensor cable is made for tough outdoor environments and is suitable for Class 1 Div. 2 areas.
You may add a ¾ NPT cable grip such as CD21NR-BXA  at the T junction and use the senor as is for outdoor locations.
(1) Sealcon CD21NR-BXA (or similar)        (Attaches to T PORT)

Option 2 (higher protection):

(1 per sensor end attach to sensor) Galvanized Steel Pipe Coupling: 1/2″ Fitting
MSC# 36995116                             Mfr# 420S04 (or similar)
(1 per sensor attached to the T-PORT) Reducing Bushing: Steel, Zinc Plated, 1/2 in_3/4 in Trade Size, 3/4 in to 1/2 in Reduction Size
Item  52AW35   (Granger)                          Mfr. Model        1142 (or similar)
(2 per sensor) Thomas & Betts 1/2" Insulated Straight Liquid Tight Connector
Brand: T&B                       SKU:      5332-TB (or similar)
(10 ft. per sensor) 1/2" Liquid Tight Type B Conduit ,PVC Gray (100' Coil)
Brand: T&B                       SKU: LTC050GY (or similar)
(alternate 10 ft. per sensor) 1/2" Liquid Tight Flexible Metallic Conduit, LFMC General Purpose UL, Gray (100' Coil)
Brand: T&B                       SKU: LTGUS02G-C   (or similar)

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