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Note to Customers: Machine Gate is a customized plug-n-play version utilizing the Option Cloudgate Mini for cellular or wifi connectivity.

Value add from Machine Saver includes:

-Power Converter (customizable to customer spec – 24VDC, 110 VAC, 240 VAC).
-Outdoor Attabox Enclosure with smoke finish cover.
-Preprogrammed by MS to work with and transmit sensor data (Trivibe or AirVibe or Modbus sensor).
-Open-sourced and set to be integrated to existing data management system.

Hazardous Location Certified: Class I Div 2. industrial Linux computer.
Sends vibration, temperature, alarms and analysis data to a MachineCloud (or your preferred database/backend), enabling analysts and maintenance stakeholders to manage their machine health from an off-premise system.
Cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and LoRaWAN Enabled Gateway.
Connect AirVibe (wirelessly using LoRa), TriVibe, TwinProx, and (upon review by our applications team) other Modbus RS485 sensors via daisy chain.