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ProxiTouch: Quick Start Guide


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TouchScreen Tips:

One click of the finger is a left mouse click.

Holding down your finger is a right mouse click.

For better visibility of interface find keyboard button on right hand side. Keyboard > [Fn] > [F11].

Exit fullscreen by right clicking and then selecting "Exit Fullscreen".

Power the Unit:

  1. Plug in the power cord to a wall socket. This should power touchscreen and TwinProx.
  2. Do NOT touch anything while windows is booting until the Team Viewer screen comes up.
  3. Shouldn't take more than a minute to boot up.
  4. Once the Team Viewer screen comes up, press the [Minimize Button] to hide Team Viewer.

Connect to TwinProx using Interface:

  1. Use the touchscreen to tap on the button [Scan Serial Ports]
  2. Select available device
  3. Enter a value of the TwinProx RTU:
    For this unit it is "3".
  4. Click "Connect"

Time Waveform Display

  1. Select "Time Waveform Display"
    Note: This is the Time Waveform Display Button at the very top of the interface, not the Setup Button 3 Lines Below
  2. Select the channels you want to see "Channel A" and "Channel B" both should be highlighted green before the next step.
  3. Select the Play Button
    (If you want to reset the waveform data, press the stop button then the green play button again)
  4. You may need to scroll on a smaller screen to see both channels displayed:
  5. If all was done correctly you should see values for both channels displaying here:

Other Information

  1. Using the Onscreen Keyboard (Manually)
    Touch on the Taskbar the Keyboard

Remote Help

  1. Click the network button on the taskbar.
  2. Connect to a network with Internet access.