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FATMC (Factory Acceptance Test Monitoring Console)

The FAT console is to monitor and collect info on electrical motors, centrifugal compressors as well as steam turbines mainly. Primarily, we will use it for electrical motor since the test bench is already built as sort of operational. The test bench for centrifugal compressors and steam turbines are in progress. Hence we want you to join us at an early stage to enhance what we already have.


You can use the typical arrangements below extracted from API 670. The electrical motor one describes exactly the points we want to measure.  The one for compressors gives you an idea of what else you should add on to make it generic for other applications.


The diagram does not include provision for velocimeters and accelerometers which are also needed. It only shows the displacement probes.


I am still working on the template of the report.  However, it is secondary, as long as you have an idea of the hardware, the report could be resolved later on.