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Installation Tools

Required Tools

          1. Multimeter (Fluke 179 True RMS Multimeter Recommended)
          2. Wire/Cable Strippers (16-26 AWG Stranded Recommended)
          3. Cable Jacket Remover (Jonard Recommended)
          4. Flush Cutter or Lineman's/Cutting Pliers
          5. Blade/Boxcutter/Scalpel
          6. Adhesive Lined, 1/2" Heatshrink Tubing, 3-1 Shrink Ratio
          7. Heat gun / Heat source
          8. Metric Allen Torque Wrench                |           3/16" Torque-Adjustable Hex KeyMetric_Torque_Wrench.jpg                                Standard_Torque_Wrench.jpg
          9. Degreasing Kit + Shop Towels
                                                 Degreaser.jpg Shop_Towels.jpg
          10. Locktite Blue 242 Threadlocker



Tools By Mounting Method

               Metric Captive Bolt         |        Standard Captive Bolt
          1. Metric Bottoming Tap M6x1           |          Standard Bottoming 1/4"-28 UNF Tap
            M6_x_1_Bottom_Tap.jpg                   1_4-28_Bottom_Tap.jpg
          2. 5.0mm (13/64") Drill Bit                    |                              #3 drill bit (7/32”)
          3. Tap Handle
          4. Power Drill (We Recommend Wired and 1/2")

            Note that the amp and torque requirements to cut into the case of a machine differs by case material. Select accordingly.

Mounting Pad         |         Frenolic Block (High Heat)         |         Motor Fin Mount
        1. Epoxy Cartridge (50ml LORD® 403/19 Modified Acrylic Adhesive Recommended)

          Note that each 50ml cartridges contain enough epoxy to mount:
               ~3 Mounting Pads
               ~2 Frenolic Blocks
               ~2 Motor Fin Mounts

        2. Epoxy 4-1 Ratio Plunger (Compatible with Recommended Gun + Cartridge)
        3. Epoxy Gun
        4. Extra Mixer Nozzles

          Note that the extra nozzles are optional but the epoxy will set within 15 minutes of sitting. If you plan to take more than 5 minutes to use the whole cartridge, you should plan on replacing the nozzle.

Magnetic Mounting Pad
        1. No Additional Tools Required. Can be installed using just the required tools.

          Use caution when placing the magnet on the machine. Read the mounting specific instructions before installing to avoid hurting yourself or damaging your sensors. 


Bus Communication Verification Tools

Note that this section is specific to customers who want to use a more robust, but also more labor intensive, method to verify their RS485 Electrical Characteristics and Modbus Communications.

      1. RedPitaya (STEMlab 125-14 Recommended)   |   Oscilloscope (Tektronics TBS 1052C Recommended)
                       Red_Pitaya_STEMlab_125-14.jpg         oscilloscope_tbs_1000_1520B.jpg
      2. RS485 Bus Analyzer