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System Layout Diagram (Simplified & Color-Coded)

Proper TriVibe Layout:

  1. A Modbus Master which has properly designed RS-485 (TIA-485(-A)/EIA-485)
    ports with built-in pullup and pulldown resistors enabled to enforce the RS485 
    (TIA-485(-A)/EIA-485) electrical standard.
  2. A single field cable bus trunk for each RS-485 (TIA-485(-A)/EIA-485) port
    available from the Modbus Master.
  3. Each T-Port connection terminal allows a TriVibe Tri-Axial Vibration Sensor to
    drop off the field cable bus trunk by way of the integral sensor cable.
  4. On each available RS485 (TIA-485(-A)/EIA-485) port, only the last/furthest T-Port 
    connection terminal should have a jumper installed, thereby enabling the 120Ω
    terminating resistor. 
  5. As long as you do not plan to expand with more TriVibe Tri-Axial Vibration
    Sensors on a particular field cable bus trunk, It is permissible to use the last set
    of terminals of 
    the last/furthest T-Port to connect a TriVibe by way of the integral
    sensor cable
  6. Field cable which adheres to RS-485 (TIA-485(-A)/EIA-485) specification and
    Machine Saver's recommended characteristics.
  7. Total length of field cable bus trunk should not exceed 2800 feet (855 meters)
    for Modbus Masters communicating at a baudrate of 115,200 bit/s.
  8. 24 - 36 VDC should be verified available to power each TriVibe Tri-Axial Vibration
    Sensor at each T-Port connection terminal which includes the 
    T-Port which is
    on the field cable bus trunk from the Modbus Master.



Improper TriVibe Layout:

  1. Modbus Master which has IMPROPERLY designed RS-485 (TIA-485(-A)/EIA-485)
    ports. Missing (or disabled) built-in pullup and pulldown resistors leaving the
    bias-voltage at an unknown level.
  2. field cable bus trunk which uses a T-Port connection terminal to attempt to
    the field cable bus trunk, thereby violating the RS-485 (TIA-485(-A)/EIA-485)
    communication standard.
  3. The above issue also results in furthest T-Port connection terminals to be
    identified, if you attempt this and see there are 2 possible places to install
    a jumper AND/OR if you have more than 1 jumper per RS-485 port
     re-evaluate your
    layout. The layout cannot remain in these conditions and function appropriately.
  4. Field cable adheres to RS-485 (TIA-485(-A)/EIA-485) specification and
    Machine Saver's recommended field wire chart characteristics.
  5. Total length of field cable bus trunk MUST NOT EXCCED 2800 feet
    (855 meters) for Modbus Masters communicating at a baudrate of 115,200
  6. Allowing the voltage supplied to any TriVibe Tri-Axial Vibration Sensor at any
    T-Port connection terminal to drop below 24 - 36 VDC which includes the 
    furthest T-Port from the Modbus Master
  7. Allowing the current supplied to any TriVibe Tri-Axial Vibration Sensor at any
    T-Port connection terminal to drop below 50 milliamps.