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TriVibe is an industrial predictive maintenance product for collecting and analyzing tri-axial vibration and temperature data in machinery. It has a Modbus RTU Slave interface for easy integration into industrial automation systems. TriVibe captures three-axis vibration data in acceleration and velocity units, with RAW waveform and spectral data. It is CSA certified for hazardous areas Class 1 Div 2, has self-calibration verification, and can be daisy-chained to reduce installation costs. The device has internal sensor alarms for vibration and temperature, and all functions and settings are configurable via Modbus registers. With configurable sample rates, TriVibe allows for customized data analysis to meet specific industrial needs, making it a popular choice for serious vibration analysis companies and data scientists.

Sensor Overview

System Wiring

Mounting Locations and Methods


Modbus Client

A windows based Modbus TCP/RTU master/simulator program. Machine Saver provides many useful exam...

ITC Wiring Diagram